Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blaugust No More

The day has come, the month has ended, Blaugust has run its course. This was my second year participating, and on the whole I think it went very well. Last year I often found myself desperately trying to come up with a blog post at the very end of the day; this year I only posted in the late evening once, and most days I had my post written the previous night and scheduled to go live in the morning for prime 'I should be working but I'm looking at blogs' viewing.

Of course, it could always be worse

Coming up with a couple of ongoing weekly features has been a huge help this time around. Knowing that my topics for Saturday and Monday are already set and being able to work on them ahead of time (not that I'm very good at doing that) makes an incredible amount of difference. Not only that, it means I've got a regular set of content that I need to add to and which may serve as interesting back-reading for any new readers I pick up.

Readership was definitely up over the month (though given my lack of posts in previous months that's not necessarily saying much). Having folks comment on posts here and there made an amazing difference too; it's always nice knowing your writing is being read. As much as I'm ultimately writing for myself, I wouldn't do it in a public manner if I didn't want to share.

Ultimately, where last year at this time I was feeling burned out on blogging, this year I'm feeling energized about the whole process. I've still got ideas coming, and I've got cool books and D&D adventures to write about for years. I might end up backing down to a lighter schedule, but for right now I'm sticking with every day. Here's to another month of blogging!

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