Monday, August 3, 2015

Blaugust Day 3: Master of Magnetism!

Marvel Heroes is another game whose developers seem to be very good at learning from their mistakes. Most recently they did away with multiple story mode difficulties. Where previously you had to run through the entire story 3 times to get all the available rewards on a particular character (most importantly power points) a single run through the story now takes you from level 1 to 60. Previously you would expect to be around level 25 the first time you fight Doctor Doom. Now you'll be nearly at the level cap when you reach Doom.

I decided to test this out by pulling out one of the characters I have unlocked but a level 1 and seeing how the leveling felt in this new system. I considered a couple of options, but ultimately decided on Magneto.

Those are some impressive guns for a 90 year old.

I played through the first 4 chapters of 9, and had hit level 33 by the time I defeated the Kingpin. Based on a little time spent in Midtown Manhattan, that seems to still be a quicker way to level, but Story mode is definitely a more viable leveling option than before.

I did notice that villains in events had a lot less health than before, resulting in super-villains often being defeated almost instantly when they appeared. On one hand, it's nice that I can complete those events by myself without it being a multi-minute slog now. I think maybe they need to be adjusted back up a little though, as it's pretty much not worth trying to get to one unless you were near it when it spawned.

As far as Magneto's gameplay, I had a lot of fun floating around hurling metal shards at people and listening to Magneto's haughty comments whenever other heroes ran by. Magneto uses 'debris' as a secondary resource for his attacks which recovers slowly over time or faster through wrecking up the place. I tend to destroy anything around in any case just for fun, so that works out well for me. I also really like the white costume they chose as his default, though if his costume from his time as Headmaster of the Xavier School ever gets added to the game, I'll be picking that up immediately.


  1. Best magneto costume around.

    Also, one of our favorite Quasar moments gets a shout out in this week's cold open for Rachel and Miles.

    1. I definitely favor the costumes that let you see his face. I even like the one he was wearing before this, as goofy as the giant 'M' taking up his entire torso might be.

      I hold out hope that Quasar will one day be added to the Marvel Heroes lineup. They could even do Doctor Spectrum as an alternate costume!

  2. Anytime I see Marvel Heroes, I just want a new Freedom Force game that much more.

    1. A third Freedom Force would be fantastic. Those games did an amazing job of invoking the feel of Silver Age Marvel. Now I want to go back and play them again. Maybe a possibility for a future Aggrochat Game Club...