Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to Eorzea

Final Fantasy XIV is doing a free week for their anniversary, so I decided to reinstall, patch up, and log back in.  Problem is, it's been long enough that I don't recall much about where I was in the story, what my rotations are, or anything really.  I think I had reached the point where I need to go defeat Titan?  That sounds right.

On top of that, I know there's a housing system now, and I gather chocobos change somehow?  You can switch between having it fight for you and riding it, it sound like?  I don't even know.  This is the problem I run into coming back to a game after so long away, it's just so overwhelming.

I'm tempted to start up a new character and play that for a while to maybe get back into the groove.  Of course it'll probably take me the whole week to do that, then where am I?  Plus, the Cactaur server isn't allowing character creation right now, so I'd have to try tomorrow morning, I suppose.  It seems strange that I can't create a new character on a server I already have one on.  It's not like I can play them both at once.

We'll see where things go.  I enjoyed the game when I played it originally after the relaunch.  One problem that I worry I'll run into again is the required grouping to advance the story.  Random dungeon finders are not my most favorite thing and I always feel needy asking for help in guild.  I know, that's what guilds are for, but I still do.  And with most of the other people playing being at max level, I don't know how much benefit they'd get in any case.  Maybe if they still have a battle class at that level, but how likely is that a year in?

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