Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nostalgia Machine Found

Not an hour after finishing yesterday's post on nostalgia, I came across a veritable nostalgia machine while going through some boxes in my office.  As if summoned forth by my post, there was my Gameboy Advance SP.  I've actually been wondering for a while now where it had gotten to, since I've had the urge to return to some of my old games that aren't compatible with the DS.  In particular, occasional posts about Pokemon by Wilhelm Arcturus have had me wanting to break out my old Generation I and II Pokemon games.

Today, then, has involved a bit of Pokemon Yellow.  I started over from the beginning, since my save wasn't very far advanced anyway, and have reached the Viridian Forest with its Caterpies and Pidgeys.  So far, it matches up pretty well with my memories; Final Fantasy like wandering about with critter collection and combat.  Anything involving collecting is right up my alley, so it shouldn't be any surprise that Pokemon grabbed hold of me once I was introduced to it.

Pokemon Yellow has some extra memories attached to it for me, as it had just come out when I ended up in intensive care for a month suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  Stuck mostly paralyzed in a hospital bed, I was pretty much limited to reading and my Game Boy for entertainment.  Worse, the paralysis affected my eyes enough that focusing on anything closer than a couple of feet away took a lot of effort, so reading mostly came in short bursts.  I could hold the Game Boy far enough away to focus on it though, so a lot of Pokemon got played.

We'll see if I stick with Pokemon for a while or if I get bored after the initial rush wears off.  If I keep at it, maybe I'll move on to Crystal after I'm done with Yellow.  Or maybe I'll see if I can find some of the later generation games cheap.  In any case, I get to have a little fun going back to something I haven't played in around a decade, and that makes me happy.

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