Saturday, August 30, 2014

My TV Asplode

I was sitting and considering what I might want to write about when my wife walked in:

"We're not busy tomorrow, right?"


"You like shopping for electronics, right?"

<suspicious look? "Yeah?"

"I think the TV is dying"

Apparently the TV made a pop-ping noise and went black, then came back with a very washed out picture.  When we turned it off, the 'lamp' light blinked for a quite a while, and attempting to turn it back on just didn't work at all.  So it looks like we'll be making a trip to Best Buy and/or Target tomorrow to see what our options are.  I can't be too mad, the television is close to 20 years old at this point.  I'm a little sad though, since we can't really justify spending what it would take to buy a new one at the same size.  It was originally my parents' upstairs television but they gave it to me when I bought a house since they didn't really use it anymore.

On the bright side, there ought to be some good Labor Day sales going on, so maybe we can find a decent deal there.  We've talked about a second TV for the bedroom, so we might buy a smaller one for now, then move it to the bedroom and get a larger unit come year-end.  Also, this means we can finally get a TV with modern inputs, like HDMI.  Maybe we can look into Chromecast now too.

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